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Meet the New Guy

Hi Route 66 Travelers, I'm Guy the Rabbit, the new Official Greeter of Henry's Rabbit Ranch and Montana's Vice Presidential running mate in her bid for president. I know I'm the "New Guy" and have some pretty big paws to fill ~ but I did learn from the best you know. Montana always called me "Wise Guy Rabbit" and it's my duty now to live up to her expectations!

I'm glad you could join me today. My good friends Rich and Linda let me have my own page to play with. I hope to update my page every so often with news and fun things to do. You will never know what you'll find here so come on back every now and again to see what we've been up to at Henry's Rabbit Ranch.

So you want to know a little bit about me right? I like Route 66 visitors to drop by and say hi. Of course I like the attention. I love carrots and little tidbits to eat ~ but what rabbit doesn't? Life has not always been kind to me though. I grew up in a tough neighborhood. I think my good friend Rich Henry can tell it best. I owe him a lot!

The World Can Be a Scary Place: Guy's Story

by Rich Henry

Long Live the New King of the Rabbit Ranch

Not much is known about Guy's birth and early years, since we did not come across him till November of 2007. A friend of mine, Nelson, came by about Mid November, 2007, and said, "I need your help." Since he was involved with Staunton tourism and Route 66, I thought it had something to do with Route 66. I asked what he needed. He said,"There is a tame bunny loose in my backyard and my next door neighbor has two boxer dogs." I said I would help him catch it, but that I really didn't need anymore bunnies. This was late afternoon, a nice day for November as I had put my bunnies out for the day. It was about 3:15pm. I told him as soon as I could put mine back inside, I would stop by. After he left, I kept thinking about it. "How can people dump a tame bunnie, it is a death sentence, usually."

Guy at His New Home

I got my 30 plus put in, grabbed my two fish nets along with a pet carrier and headed over to North Laurel street in Staunton. Pulling in his side driveway, I saw Nelson sitting off on the side and a little white bunnie with black spots in his backyard eating bird seed, which Nelson had put out to feed him and intice him to stay there. It was a very easy catch. Practically went over and picked him up, but used my net for safety purposes. Once caught, I said to Nelson that he should keep him for his grandchildren, but he only laughed. I knew I had another bunnie temporarily. I took him home to the Rabbit Ranch and starting preparing for what I though would be his temporary stay. He was unfixed. I didn't want to get personal with him, so I never gave him a name. I would refer to him as little guy, guy, etc. For two months I screened people coming in locally that would ask about a rabbit for a pet, but could never find anyone I felt comfortable with. Guy would be very affectionate with me and lick my hand, arms, and even face. He knew how to win a way into a person's life.

Guy and Anna Friends for Life

Finally in January, looking into his sad lonely eyes, I felt that it was time to make him feel wanted and part of something. I called the local vet and set up an appointment to have him fixed. At that point he became the newest member of Henrys Ra66it Ranch, even though he probably had the day he came in. He was Montana's next door neighbor. I think at night the two would be planning with Montana being the teacher and Guy the student. Montana was preparing her successor. When she thru her hat in the ring for candidate for president of United States, Guy was her VP choice. They seemed to get close, but not to the point of bonding them as soulmates. Montana would not be comfortable with that, so I thought maybe Anna, who had been here since September, 2003, might work out. She always accepted any bunnie put with her. I put Guy and Anna together, and it was an instant match. Hopefully it will prolong Anna's life. She is 6 1/2 yrs old with Guy about 2yrs old. Anna weighs about 5 lbs to Guys 2 1/2 lbs max. Her eating habits and temperment have improved greatly. They love being continually together and hate being separated. They do make a good dynamic dual, as they have gotten into a few things together.

Some of Guy's Friends

Isn't Rich great or what? We've become good friends here at the Rabbit Ranch. I've made lots of new friends here too. I'd like you to meet some of my friends. You can visit with us at Henry's Rabbit Ranch. Most of my friends are shy until they get to know you. But I'm not shy. I'd love to do some tricks for you, that is if you bring me something to nibble on. I'm not hard to please.

Drop on in and visit with me. I just love all the attention. Remember now, if you come to visit bring me some carrots. I'll do some tricks for you if you do. I might even let you hold me.

Rabbit Ranch Station

I think Rich did a great job on building his Route 66 replica gas station. It looks like the real thing doesn't it? That reminds me of a funny story. Henry's Rabbit Ranch Visitor's Center looks so much like a real old time gas station that it even fooled the pros; the State of Illinois! Last year the EPA came around here and wanted to know where the buried gas tanks were! They were going to check for any ground contamination, a real problem with some of the older gas stations. Rich had a heck of a time trying to convince these professional pollution monitors his structure never was a gas station, in fact it's less than ten years old! In all fairness to our government servants, my friend Rich did a pretty good job on simulating an old filling station.


There's another neat rabbit place on Route 66 besides Henry's Rabbit Ranch it's the Jackrabbit Trading Post in Arizona. The Jackrabbit has been serving Route 66 travelers since just after WW II. When Antonio, the owner of the Jackrabbit Trading Post, found out about my friends Rich and Linda he gave the Route 66 Caravan folks a little present to bring them. The caravan brought it to Illinois with them. Wouldn't you know it, a Jackrabbit Crossing sign! Thanks Antonio. Route 66 is certainly one big family isn't it?

Jackrabbit Trading Post
Rabbit Ranch

Jackrabbit Trading Post, Arizona ...

<-- 1355 miles -->

... Henry's Rabbit Ranch, Illinois

Click Image to Watch the Rabbit and the Snake Video
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The Rabbit and the Snake

I got a home movie from my friend the other day. He always was a curious one. See what he did when he found a snake passing through his backyard.

This video opens in a new window and is recommended for high speed connections as it is 3.75 mb in size. Dial up users may wait awhile for it to load ~ though they can still browse my site as it is loading.

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